Projects & Results

Some facts and figures

Results in terms of RDI work carried out is available for projects funded through SOLAR-ERA.NET Joint Calls. Summaries of running and finalised projects are continuously updated in this section of the website.

Through six joint transnational calls carried out by SOLAR-ERA.NET, 88 projects are funded with a total project volume of 112 MEUR of which 76 MEUR comes from public funding.

You can find the links to the project summaries for the different SOLAR-ERA.NET phases below, i.e. SOLAR-ERA.NET Calls 1 to 4 (2012-2015, with projects running beyond this timeframe), SOLAR-ERA.NET Cofund 1 (2016-2021) and SOLAR-ERA.NET Cofund 2 (2018-2023).

Project Summaries SOLAR-ERA.NET Calls 1 to 4 (2012-2015)

Project Summaries SOLAR-ERA.NET Cofund 1 (2016-2021)

Project Summaries SOLAR-ERA.NET Cofund 2 (2018-2023)