Cofund 1

Here you can find the summaries of the projects funded within the SOLAR-ERA.NET Cofund 1.

ReportingProject Acronym & full titleProject Coordinator & InstitutionProject Partners
Summary (Project completed)1500-SIC – Develop a new photovoltaic Inverter with SiC full power operation at 1500VLucia Paris
Gamesa Electric, S.A. (ES)
  • Infineon Technologies Austria AG (AT)
  • ETH Zurich (CH)
Summary (Project completed)BI-FACE – High-efficiency bifacial PV Modules and Systems for flat roof applicationsShokufeh Zamini
Jan Slamberger
Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH – AIT (AT)
  • CTR Carinthian Tech Research AG (AT)
  • PVP Photovoltaik GmbH (AT)
  • Energy Center of the Netherlands (NL)
  • Solar Electricity Development B.V. (NL)
  • Tempress Systems B.V. (NL)
Summary (Project completed)CEFRABID – Clean energy from road acoustic barriers infrastructure developmentEmilio Muñoz Cerón
University of Jaen (ES)
  • IBV-Fallast (AT)
  • University of Cyprus (CY)
Summary (Project completed)Cover Power – Smart Glass Coatings for Innovative BiPV SolutionsRoman Trattnig
Joanneum Research Materials (AT)
  • FDT GmbH (AT)
  • ehoch2 energy engineering e.U. (AT)
  • ertex solartechnik GmbH (AT)
  • Österreichisches Forschungsinstitut für Chemie und
    Technik (AT)
  • CSEM SA (CH)
Summary (Project completed)ENMESH – ENabling Micro-ConcEntrator PhotovoltaicS with Novel Interconnection MetHodsIgnacio Antón
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (ES)
  • Dycotec Materials Technology (GB)
  • Insolight (CH)
Summary (Project completed)Erigeneia – Enabling rising penetration and added value of photovoltaic generation by implementation of advanced storage systemsGeorge Georghiou
University of Cyprus
Electrical and Computer Engineering (CY)
  • Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH – AIT (AT)
  • Cybrotech Ltd. (GB)
  • Fronius International GmbH (AT)
  • Electricity Authority of Cyprus (CY)
  • ADM Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş. (TK)
Summary (Project completed)HEAVENLY – High-efficiency PERT and IBC cell development focussing on paste and CVD optimization for longterm stabilityJonathan Booth
Johnson Matthey Technology centre (GB)
  • University of Konstanz (DE)
  • Schmid Group (DE)
Summary (Project completed)HyConSys – Hydrogen control in solar thermal parabolic trough heat transfer fluid systemsChristian Jung
DLR – Institute of Solar Research (DE)
  • CSP Services España, S.L. (ES)
  • Marquesado Solar (ES)
  • neo hydrogen sensors GmbH (DE)
Summary (Project completed)MasterPV – Innovative manufacturing solutions for cost-efficient semitransparent BIPVVictor Izquierdo-Roca
IREC-Catalonia Institute for Energy Research (ES)
  • Francisco Albero S.A.U. (ES)
  • Martin-Luther-University (DE)
Summary (Project completed)NELL – Novel encapsulant for long lifetime high voltage PID-resistant PV modulesRoman Merino
Specialized Technology Resources España S.A. (ES)
  • Zentrum für Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung Baden-Württemberg (DE)
Summary (Project completed)NEXT-FOIL – Next generation conductive solar foil for flexible photovoltaicsTheodoros Dimopoulos
Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH – AIT (AT)
  • Plansee SE (AT)
Summary (Project completed)PanelPV – Sanwich panels with integratef PV with freedom of size and colorVeronique Gevaerts
ECN Solliance (NL)
  • Panelen Holland (NL)
  • Sunpartner Technologies (FR)
  • BDA Dak- en Geveladvies BV (NL)
  • Flisom AG (CH)
Summary (Project completed)PEarl – PERC meets self-aligned selective emitter technologies based on inkjet printing and silver less platingRoman Keding
Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy
Systems (DE)
  • Meyer Burger (Netherlands) B.V. (NL)
  • SUN Chemical (GB)
  • RENA GmbH (DE)
Summary (Project completed)PROGNOSIS – Intra-hour prediction of solar electricity generation from PhotovoltaicsAlexandros Charalambides
Cyprus University of Technology (CY)
  • Johnsun Heaters Ltd (CY)
  • Valencia Institute of Building
  • International RDI (ES)
Summary (Project completed)PVTool – Development of tools for effective control of large PV power plantsOriol Gomis
Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) – CITCEA-UPC (ES)
  • GreenPowerMonitor – Data Acquisition & Project Management (ES)
  • Chalmers University of Technology (SE)
Summary (Project completed)RHINO – Realization of High efficiency Industrial N-type sOlar cellsAndreas Wolf
Fraunhofer ISE (DE)
  • Tempress Systems B.V. (NL)
  • Innolas Solutions (DE)
  • Voltinov (FR)