“Exchange of Experiences” Webinar held on 6 October 2021

Insights, outcomes and results from transnational projects supported under SOLAR-ERA.NET. 

16 research and innovation projects have been supported under the umbrella of SOLAR-ERA.NET within the co-funded joint call launched in 2016 / 2017. The webinar presented the unique opportunity to share the outcomes, results and experiences from most of these highly innovative, transnational projects with the project participants and interested stakeholders from industry, research and policy.

The goals of the webinar were:

  • To exchange and highlight results and benefits
  • To learn about noteworthy dissemination & exploitation activities realised / foreseen
  • To share experience and to identify critical / success factors for transnational projects in the ERA-NET (Cofund) scheme and future joint calls (added value, suggestions for improvements, etc.)

Programme and event brochure


Below you can find the presentations given in the three thematic workshops and plenary sessions.

Workshop 1

Moderators: Bertrand Paviet-Salomon (CSEM), Renate Horbelt (PtJ representative)

Roman Keding
Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (DE)
PEarl – PERC meets self-aligned selective emitter technologies based on inkjet printing and silver less plating

Andreas Wolf
Fraunhofer ISE (DE)
RHINO – Realization of High efficiency Industrial N-type sOlar cells

Theodoros Dimopoulos
Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH – AIT (AT)
NEXT-FOIL – Next generation conductive solar foil for flexible photovoltaics

Jonathan Booth & Simon Johnson
Johnson Matthey Technology centre (UK)
HEAVENLY – High-efficiency PERT and IBC cell development focussing on paste and CVD optimization for longterm stability

Ignacio Antón
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (ES)
ENMESH – ENabling Micro-ConcEntrator PhotovoltaicS with Novel Interconnection MetHods

Workshop 2

Moderators: Wilfried van Sark (Universiteit Utrecht), Anita Hipfinger (FFG representative)

Veronique Gevaerts
PanelPV – Sandwich panels with integrated PV with freedom of size and color.

Zbigniew Motyka
Główny Instytut Górnictwa (PL)
CEFRABID – Clean energy from road acoustic barriers infrastructure development

Alejandro Perez Rodriguez
IREC – Catalonia Institute for Energy Research (ES)
MasterPV – Innovative manufacturing solutions for cost-efficient semitransparent BIPV

Dieter Geyer
Zentrum für Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung Baden Wuerttemberg (DE)
NELL – Novel encapsulant for long lifetime high voltage PID-resistant PV modules

Shokufeh Zamini
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH (AT)
BI-FACE – High-efficiency bifacial PV modules and systems for flat roof applications

Roman Trattnig
Joanneum Research Materials (AT)
Cover Power – Smart glass coatings for innovative BiPV solutions

Workshop 3

Moderators: Hubert Fechner (TPPV Austria), Beatriz Gómez Miguel (AEI representative)

Ulrike Grossner
ETH Zurich (CH)
1500-SiC – Develop a new photovoltaic inverter with SiC for full power operation at 1500 V

Alexandros Charalambides
Cyprus University of Technology (CY)
Prognosis – Intra-hour prediction of solar electricity generation from photovoltaics

Michalis Florides
University of Cyprus – Electrical and Computer Engineering (CY)
ERIGENEIA – Enabling rising penetration and added value of photovoltaic generation by implementation of advanced storage systems

Christian Jung
DLR – Institute of Solar Research (DE)
HyConSys – Hydrogen control in solar thermal parabolic trough heat transfer fluid systems

Oriol Gomis-Bellmunt & Marc Cheah-Mané
Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) – CITCEA-UPC (ES)
PVTOOL – Development of tools for effective control of large PV power plants

Plenary sessions